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Ronnie is entertaining. He is funny and can keep the party rolling, but his music is a true crowd pleaser. Ronnie Snipperdag specializes in various styles of Dutch and English language music. He enjoys performing smartlappen, levensliederen, boogie-woogie, rock and roll and his special style of delta blues. He involves his audience and encourages their participation in the show. Dancing, singing and laughing together help make up the spirit of the Ronnie Snipperdag show. He has a special show for every occasion, plays music suitable for almost every audience and he accommodates easily (not difficult with an acoustic guitar and his singing voice).

'Snipperdag' is a Dutch word meaning a 'personal day' or an 'extra day off''... mummm...yeaaa...'Snipperdag'!!!!!)


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Song lyrics

What is a Smartlap, Levenslied and Persiflage?

Senior Citizen Show!!!!

Ronnie`s mp3`s


Op de barman

De zevende hemel der liefde

Diep in mijn hart


Zonder geld


Niets anders telt nu

Douw douw Dikkie Dikkie douw

Het is zo


Van de tandarts (music and lyrics by Ronnie)

Radio Jingles

Boot op je Brood

 0111-401564 • Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland